Your translation team 

How can you benefit from choosing Otago?

With each translated word, we offer 20 years' worth of experience, a well-organised team of project managers to look after your projects, and our seasoned translators, interpreters, proofreaders, and copywriters providing their highest quality work

Experienced team on your side

Rest assured that we will manage complex translations even with a tight deadline. Your order will be processed by experienced project managers with thousands of successfully delivered projects under their belt. For a convenient price, you can hire a team who will coordinate all the steps necessary for translating your document, localising your software, or interpreting your business meeting.

Professional linguists

Your text translation, software localisation or interpreting will be taken care of by our proven linguists. Every area of expertise has a dedicated team. At the same time, we keep in mind that everybody has to start somewhere and that's why we are also in contact with Slovak universities educating future translators and interpreters.

Guaranteed quality

Let us take the translation off your hands and help you with high-quality and professional services with a lifetime guarantee. If you spot a mistake that our thorough quality control did not identify, we will correct it right away and take measures to avoid it in future. Otago works in compliance with ISO 9001 and 17100.

Latest translation technology

Benefit from the latest technology and translation, localisation and interpreting know-how. Save time and money and let us help you choose and implement the best suited technology for your company. Experience and knowledge of translation and quality management technology pioneers in Slovakia are at your service.

Consulting and know-how

Get custom-made service and save time and money on your translation. You will also get consulting services with your order. Each assignment is approached with industry best practice and our extensive experience in mind.

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