Quality Policy

Otago s. r. o. provides professional translation services. Our mission is to help companies and organizations successfully conduct their business on an international level.

At Otago, we apply the following quality principles:


Providing quality services translates into fulfilling applicable clients' needs.

Clients have the right to receive the ordered service in the requested quality and on the agreed date and time.

Our translation services are provided in compliance with the international standard ISO 17100.

At Otago, continuous improvement is one of our priorities.

Trust, sustainability, integrity and teamwork are at the core of our values.

The quality of our services is maintained by continuous monitoring, evaluation and improving of key performance indicators.


Optimum working conditions are based on continuous education, respectful relationship and communication with our employees, and on adequate evaluation of their work performance.

Business partners

Otago works with their business partners on a professional level to maintain sustainability.

Infrastructure and technology

Otago supports the deployment of modern technologies beneficial to our employees, customers and business partners.

Environment and society

Otago cares about the sustainable impact of our activities on the environment and society, and

cooperates with other organisations in the translation industry and relevant educational institutions.

The management complies with the given principles, fulfils the legal requirements, and constantly improves the quality management system.

Otago's quality policy is binding for all employees and contractual associates.