About Us 


With over 20 years of experience in providing translation services for business, we offer our know-how, a team of top linguists and industry best practices.

Areas of Expertise 

We have the most experience in the legal, technical and medical areas. Otago works in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 17100. 

Our Values 

Integrity, reliability and sustainability – we believe that a fair approach to all interested parties ensures a better future for our clients and partners.


Automated translation, machine learning and artificial intelligence have been influencing our work for several years. We are looking forward to the next news that will move the world.

Michal Kmeť | founder, managing director

My journey in the translation industry began in 1993 when I was delivering translation for my father's translation company on a bike after school. After completing my university studies in the field of psychology, I moved through various roles in the family company, then finally became a director, a position I held for 10 years before founding Otago. For the past 5 years, I have been the president of the Association of Translating Companies of Slovakia and a member of the board of the European Union Association of Translation Companies, EUATC. I am an active participant in industry events and also one of the creators and organisers of the conference Meet Central Europe.

Stanislava Dengová senior project manager

While studying translation and interpreting at university, we simulated a translation project in one of our classes. My role was to manage communication among team members and to ensure timely delivery. After that, it was clear to me what I wanted to do after university - I wanted to work in a translation company. Several years have passed and I still love project management (ideally multilingual) and communication with clients and language professionals. As a certified memoQ trainer, I am in charge of the smooth workings of our CAT tools as well as the optimisation of our internal processes.

Klaudia Froněková project manager

I entered the world of translation and interpreting thanks to my love of books and language. During my first years at university, I already knew that working as a translator was not for me, but when I attended a lecture on project management at a translation company, my future profession was decided. I really enjoy working somewhere where I can use all the knowledge from my studies and university experience. I work with certified and professional translation and interpreting. At university, I participated in a 4-month work-study stay in the USA, so I am happy that I can actively use English at work when communicating with foreign clients and suppliers.

Lívia Moravčíková quality manager

I started working in the translation industry in 2006. For several years, I mainly dealt with small certified translation orders. As the years went by, I worked on more complex and demanding projects for B2B clients from Slovakia and abroad. What I like about being a project manager is that I can help clients meet translation needs that almost seem impossible in the beginning. At Otago, I am responsible for the quality aspect of delivered services and the implementation of ISO 9001. I am currently on sabbatical.

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